Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The benefits of coaching

Parents and teens are seeing the results of parent / teen coaching. Where there was once a disconnect parents and teens are finding more effective ways to communicate and to create an environment they can both enjoy. The relationship they build today will go with them forever. Explore coaching, it truly can change your life!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Parents and Teens Unite!

Dear Parents:

Do you feel like your teen or pre-teen is a complete stranger?

Have the lines of communication been severed?

Is your teen making poor choices or struggling in school?

Do you feel all hope is gone?

Are you running out of options?

There is HOPE!

Today many pre-teens and teens are more attached to their peers and to the peer culture than they are to their own families. Many are making poor decisions that negatively effect their lives, and yours.

What can parents do to prevent the diminishing attachments between themselves and their kids?

How can parents create a world at home that allows kids to feel a “connectedness” that they more readily create with their peers?

Is it possible to reconnect?


Many of today's kids have been thrust into a blended family situation that might not be blending so well. When families merge together there is an incredible amount of change and with change comes resistance. Adjusting to two part-time environments can be very difficult for kids.

Is it possible to create peace in an environment filled with anger and blame?


The fact is … many of today’s parents were raised in homes where they felt silenced, like they didn’t measure up and that’s not what they wanted for their child. Yet they struggle to find ways to open the lines of communication with their teen. As a result many parents have lost hope.

It is time to Stop - Take a Breath - and Reassess!

With the support of a skilled coach parents and teens can coexist in an environment rooted in Trust, Support, Respect, and Understanding - an environment free of punishment and undeserved guilt.

Coaching creates:

Harmony when once there was Discord

Joy when once there was Despair

Peace of mind when once there was Confusion

Parents can increase awareness to their own power to choose thoughts and behaviors and learn to ask themselves:

“Am I choosing to do something that will increase the distance between me and my child?”


"Is what I am about to do going to pull me closer to or push me further away from my child?"

By making the shift to Appreciate - Understand - Support - Respect our children and our spouses, teens and pre-teens can experience healthy connections in the home with parents and outside the home with their peers.

E-mail coaching@positivefamilysolutions.com to inquire about your free 30-minute consultation.

There is HOPE!


Isabelle Zehnder
Family and Life Coach
Positive Family Solutions

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Isabelle Zehnder - Parent Coaching

About the Coach & Program:

Isabelle Zehnder
Family and Life Coach
Parents and Teens, Unite!

Isabelle Zehnder is a skilled and experienced Family and Life Coach and a Parent and Child Advocate. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation and the Northwest Coaches Association. She has advocated for families most of her adult life, and has 25 years experience working with parents and teens. She knows parents are stressed and worried about their kids in today's tumultuous world and endeavors to make things different, to make things better for parents and their kids.

Why does she put so much focus on parents and teens? Because parents, your kids mean more to you than anything else in this world! And because parents have little time left before their teens leave home, little time to reconnect and save them from years of wondering, "Did I do all I could have done? Could I have done more to create a closer relationship with my teen?" Time with teens is precious, let's not waste it! What you do today could pave the path to a wonderful, loving, meaningful relationship with your child that will take you through all the days of your lives.

Parents, there is an Option, THERE IS HOPE! Coaching produces measurable results!

Parents are coachable - Isabelle has taken her 25 years of practical experience working with families along with a system developed by Diana Sterling, today's leading instructor in the area of Parent and Teen Coaching - to create a coaching program that helps parents unleash the power to coach their children and teens!

Isabelle believes parents have the power to make things different, to change patterns, to create harmony in their own homes.

Teens are coachable too. While not all teens will accept the idea of being coached, some will. And even those who are resistant will often join in at least one session. Isabelle has found that as little as one session with a teen can create wonderful and lasting results when their parent has gone through her coaching program!

If you have lost hope and are considering placing your child in a residential program Isabelle urges parents to:

Stop - Take a Breath - and Reassess!
E-mail today at coaching@positivefamilysolutions.com

While some parents have found programs to be of benefit, some have found it only made matters worse. The Troubled Child/Teen Help industry is unregulated, it has no standards or guidelines, there is no Federal governmental oversight, and anyone can open a program for kids.
Let us learn from the experience of others who have said, "If I knew then what I know now I would never have sent my teen away!"

Since each family has its' own unique situation and no two families are alike, coaching is a great alternative that gives parents power to parent their teens and to create the home and family they so desperately desire!


Positive Family Solutions, LLC, and Parents and Teens, Unite! are built on the belief that within each parent lies the Power to effectively and lovingly parent their teens and pre-teens. And within each Teen lies the Power to be productive, caring, and loving members of their family.

Coaching is anchored on the belief that people are Creative, Resourceful, and Whole, and that within each of us lies the Power to reach our full potential. Once we are able to Unleash that Power we can achieve our own personal, self-defined outcomes.

Coaching is an ongoing Partnership. It is a Journey to Discover who you are and who you truly want to be. It is a Process that produces Profound, Measurable Results. Clients come to coaching because they are looking for Change or have important Goals they hope to attain.

Coaching creates Harmony when once there was Discord - Joy when once there was Despair - Peace of mind when once there was Confusion.

Most people strive for a better quality of life. They want more Joy and more Quality Time with their Children and Teens. Coaching can help them Unleash the Power Within so they attain their Goals and Dreams!

Contact us for a free 30-minute consultation:

E-mail: coaching@positivefamilysolutions.com

A little more about the coach:

Isabelle Zehnder is a Professional Life and Family Coach.

She is an Active Member of the International Coaching Federation and an active member of their local Chartered Chapter, the Northwest Coaches Association.

She has researched child behavior and child development for 25 years and has authored and published a number of articles. She has also attended and participated in a series of seminars and workshops regarding families, children, and teens. She has been invited to speak on child, teen, and family issues both on radio and at workshops and seminars.

She was awarded the TASH Award in Excellence for Public Service in 2006 and was recently asked to serve on the TASH Public Policy Committee. She has also been asked to speak at their 2007 conference.

Isabelle was a Member of the Board of Advisors, an investigator, and researcher for the Emancipation Projejct, working to promote regulation and monitoring of the “teen-help” industry.

Isabelle pursued her education in law and worked in the legal field for 7 1/2 years. Given her strong desire to continue learning, she attended a great number of legal seminars and workshops.

Isabelle was the Founder and President of Positive Solutions (1995 to 1998) providing community workshops for parents, children, and teens, including Mommy and Me, Terrific Twos, Cooking for Kids, Parents and Teens Unite (a coaching program designed to bring parents and teens together and to help them learn new ways to effectively communicate and understand one another); Babysitting Tips for Teens.

During the mid to late 90's, Isabelle volunteered at the bi-annual Summit Meeting for Teens, a program designed to teach teens effective ways to communicate with their parents and to better understand their needs as well as the needs of their parents.

Isabelle has tutored children with learning disabilities and those who needed assistance to meet their potential. She operated a licensed day care providing a safe, loving, and educational environment for young children.